Chute System

What we do

We install Garbage Chutes & Linen Chutes for Apartments, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Residential and Commercial Buildings, etc. We provide a modern solutions for your garbage chute system.

Our Garbage Chutes & Linen Chutes are made in Stainless Steel AISI 304/316 Grade. The telescopic joining system provides easy installation of the chute tubes. Clamp rings are fitted around the joint to give additional strength. All chute tubes are coated with high quality sound dampening paint to suppress noise during garbage fall.
Intake tubes at each floors are fitted with stainless steel bottom hinged intake doors with indicator bulbs. The doors are interlocked (optional) to restrict the simultaneous opening at different floors. The interlocked doors are connected to an electrical control panel. The heavy duty chute offset tube fitted at the bottom end, reduces the freefall impact of the garbage.
Linen chutes with intake doors are installed in hotels to give easy access to the laundry room. The linen chute tubes have a smooth interior surface to allow free fall of the soiled fabrics without any damage and obstructions.

We do repair and cleaning works

Repair rather than replacing your chute system
We do the repair or upgrade your chute doors, Solenoid valve, indicator lights, locks, hydraulic gas springs, Exhaust Fan, hatch doors, Brush motor and all electrical works related to control panel.

Maintenance and Service

We increase lifespan of your chute system by maintaining with our professional trained staffs. Our maintenance work is based on yearly contract, also we offer half-yearly or Quarterly contract.

Our Work